It's Time To Come Alive and Thrive!

I'm here to empower you to whole-heartedly WAKE UP and LIVE...

to feel at home in your BODY, experience clarity in you MIND and know peace in your SOUL.

That's where we're headed.

I'm here to help you re-connect with the TRUTH of your being and to empower you with the tools to remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are so much more than just your physical body.

With my help and the roadmap I share with you, in no time, you'll be living your life as a "Spiritual Practice" and embodying PASSION, PURPOSE, PLAYFULNESS, VITALITY, PRESENCE, PEACEFULNESS, LOVE, ADAPTABILITY, PRODUCTIVITY and CREATIVITY!

It is my intention to help you reclaim your ESSENCE...that is, at your core you are love, joy, harmony, flow, elegance, wisdom, peace, power, ease and grace. Together, we will once again ILLUMINATE these qualities and then AMPLIFY them so that they can express fully as YOU, in this lifetime.

You're going to be asked to work...this takes a serious commitment to grow and evolve. If you're going to go into this half-heartedly, this is not the coaching program for you. I'm only interested in working with those who are all-in.

Through Coaching with me, you will create a total life transformation in the areas of mind, body and soul, so that you can wake up to the fact that you were destined to be here on Planet Earth at this time to express your UNIQUE gifts fully...and it's time for you to do it whole-heartedly, and practice empowered, evolved & an impactful living.

Adam Brewer

Hi, I'm Adam Brewer, an entrepreneur in the Health and Fitness Industry who wears the hats of Conscious Evolution Coach, Meditation Guide, Yoga Instructor, & Mind/Body Fitness Specialist. Professionally speaking I'm the Creator of Sunrise Sweat, Conscious Dads3-Minute Meditations and Meditate With Ease. l've been in the Wellness space since 1990 and flat-out love what I do.  My intention for every client I have the privilege of working with, is to inspire, educate, support and facilitate lasting change as it relates to getting them from where they are to where and who they want to be.

I've spent the better part of the last 20 years diving into the best in Personal Development, Self Help, Conscious Evolution and Spirituality. I've run the experiments on my own life and have found an integrated formula (combining mindful movement, breathwork, meditation, cold immersion, affirmative prayer, visioning, sound baths and sacred service) which serves to awaken you to your Authentic Self. It works if you work it. I'd love to share it with you.

The Top 9 Benefits YOU WILL EXPERIENCE From Working One-On-One With Me

Allow the following 9 qualities and attributes to inform YOUR WAY OF BEING, and watch you life transform in ways you've never imagined, experienced or manifested before!

  1. You will become more PRESENT.
  2. You will become more PATIENT.
  3. You will become more LOVING.
  4. You will become more PEACEFUL.
  5. You will become more PLAYFUL and begin to experience a "lightness of being". 
  6. You will become more ADAPTABLE or flexible.
  7. You will become more PURPOSEFUL or intentional.
  8. You will become more CREATIVE.
  9. You will become more VITAL.

7 Tools For Transformation That Will Change Your Life For The Better, FOREVER!!!

In my 20+ years of coaching in the wellness industry, I have discovered that there are 7 TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION which can be utilized by anyone to better align with the Divine and attune their mind, body and soul with their purpose on this planet. At any given time, it may be only one of these we use, or perhaps an integration of them all. In our Discovery Call we will determine where you are feeling most "stuck" or out of balance in your life. This will determine which of these 7 tools we will begin to implement to assist you in releasing more of your light to the world.


ARE YOU READY to stop talking about it and start making it happen?

No matter where we are on our path, we all need a Coach. As your Coach,  I will create a powerful INDIVIDUALIZED program structured TO HELP YOU amplify your life force on this planet.

I whole-heartedly believe in the power of my coaching & YOU, and I would love to support your success the best way I know how, so we can continue to make an aligned impact in the world.

Coaching Packages

* Virtual and In-Person (Oahu, Hawaii) sessions available

BRONZE Plan: One 60-minute *ZOOM Session

  • "Test Drive"
  • Should you decide to continue on after 1 session, payment will be applied to packages options.

GOLD Plan: 2 Month Foundational Flow


  • Eight 60-minute ZOOM sessions
  • 8 sessions must be used within 10 weeks from date of purchase. 
  • 1 session/wk

PLATINUM Plan: 6 Month Deep Dive


  • 6 month coaching program.
  • Twenty Four (24) 60-Minute ZOOM Sessions
  • 1 session/wk for 24 weeks.
  • Multiple Payment Plan Options

*ZOOM sessions are LIVE online video phone calls. You will be given a call-in number for each individual session.

Intrigued but want to make sure it's the right fit for you?

Like most things, One-On-One Coaching isn't for everyone. But what I do know for sure is that it works, if you work it. Here's what I'm going to ask of you over the course of our time together:

  • 100% commitment to do the necessary work to transform your life.
  • Take 100% responsibility of your actions and non-actions
  • 100% honesty & authenticity with yourself & me throughout this intensive and life-changing work)

If you're a "100% HELL YES I'm in", then sign-up today! But if you're not sure if this is for you, let's set up a FREE DISCOVERY CALL to see it it's the right fit for you.



*Once you fill out form and hit "Submit", you'll be redirected to my Calendly schedule to set up your call.


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