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Daily Practices For Soulful Living 

Meditation, Movement, Mindset, Prayer and New Thought/Ageless Wisdom For EveryBODY

Our soulful, holistic health content is inspirational, educational and transformational in nature. Everything presented is designed to elevate your life from the inside out, so that you find greater fulfillment and come alive & thrive in this lifetime. All offerings are infused with a healthy dose of intentionality, mindfulness and spirituality.

More Soul. Less Ego.

Hey, I'm Adam Brewer, Creator or Sunrise Sweat, which is the culmination of 30+ years in the health and wellness industry, and I want YOU to come alive and thrive in this lifetime.

Just as the sun rises and shines it's light in the morning, within YOU there is a "Second Sunrise" which occurs when you raise your vibration and expand your consciousness to remember the Truth of who you are. When this takes place, you'll live with more soul and less ego, while shining YOUR light brighter than ever before. 

And even if you don't FEEL this way yet, I do. And I will hold space for you, until you do, too!

I can't wait to be your Coach and Cheerleader along the way.

Adam Brewer

Come As You Are

Wherever you are at this exact moment in time, I'll meet you there. No need to be anything other than YOU. Systematically and progressively, we'll "walk a path" to get you from where you are to where YOU aspire to be. We'll breathe together, laugh together, sing together, play together, work together and sweat together. Let's do this!

What They're Saying...

"Adam's the consummate teacher--articulate, kind, wise and composed. Although he's leading us through early morning fitness routines that ensure and stretch our strength, he leads with an expertise that only those who have done the inner work can accomplish. His knowledge of body mechanics is matched by his ability to create engaging routines that consistently challenge us as he educates. We are frequently invited to become present and grateful for what we are capable of, yet Adam's humility shines through each invitation which makes his classes motivating from the inside out. Every morning I get to work out with Adam I learn something new--how to sweat more intentionally, how to listen to my body with better ears, how to cultivate joy as a result of getting grateful. What a blessing it is to have found Adam's Sunrise Sweat!"

Michelle Lindner

A brief look at what's "INSIDE"...


What You Get When You Join Team Sunrise Sweat

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At-Home Mindful Movement & Yoga

Get immediate access to yoga, strength, cardio, and circuit sessions for everyBODY.


Meditation, Breathwork, Prayer and Ageless Wisdom

Expand your consciousness with sessions designed to help your find your TRUE NORTH.


Curated Programs/Courses

Get immediate access to step-by-step structured programs in fitness, yoga, meditation and breathwork.


Not found on our Youtube channel

Get access to content that you can't find on Youtube or anywhere but here in our community.


Quarterly Challenges and Contests

Stay inspired and motivated with quarterly challenges in all areas of personal growth and development.


Workouts & Yoga for all levels and everyBODY

Whether you've been away from fitness for sometime or you've working out regularly, you'll find a home here.

The Who

Hi, I'm Adam Brewer, an entrepreneur in the Health and Fitness Industry who wears the hats of Mind/Body Fitness Specialist, Yoga Instructor, Conscious Evolution Coach, Meditation Guide, & Breathwork Coach. l've been in the Wellness space since 1990 and flat-out love what I do.

The Way

There are no whistles, no barking orders, no drill sergeant, no judgement. You will CONNECT to…Body, Mind, Soul, Breath, Nature and Community. Sunrise Sweat utilizes the revolutionary Holistic Fitness Formula, an integration of functional training, yoga, cardio and mindfulness.

The How

Harder isn't always better. Slow and steady can also win the race little turtle. Planet Earth is in desperate need of people who "can go with the slow' as well as 'turn up the heat".  To that end, I'm a big believer that consistency rather than intensity is the key to lasting results.

Types of Classes Offered

Sunrise Express

10 to 30 minute brief workouts for those short on time

Sunrise Yoga

5 to 60 minute vinyasa yoga flow where you'll stretch, strengthen, stabilize and sweat.

Sunrise Sit

3 to 30 minute meditation sessions that includes breathwork, stillness and prayer.

Sunrise Sweat

60-minute workout including warm-up, strength, cardio, core and flexibility.

Sunrise Sport

50 to 60 minute workout that combines sport functionality and yoga flow.


5 to 20 minute workouts curated for Turner Broadcasting's Upwave (content sold to WebMD)

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